enerChange GmbH: connect to eMobility

"if we want electric mobility to replace former cars,
it needs to be able to replace them."

Most of our daily ways and mobility tasks could be done with battery electric vehicles already today. Neither technical nor financial limits avoid us to replace combustion cars by environmental friendly mobility systemes, and the times of missing comfort in electric cars are far behind us.

renewable energy at the right time in the car you want to drive with:
electric mobility is a logistics task

High peak loads in the power grid and the volatility of renewable energy production require innovative load balancing systems to stable the european power grids.

The european power grid "UCTE" is known as one oft he most efficient and most reliable grids worldwide.
Huge european investments in the sun and wind based production of renewabel power increased volatility of these energy sources compared to the total energy consumptions and therefore considerable challenges for the regional power grids as well as the european grids. The achievement the solar energy grew to a range between few hundred megawatts and several gigawatt just in Germany .

The forecast of increase in the area of the electric mobility leads on the consumer side to load peaks that do not necessarily take place at the same while regenerative power production has its peaks and therefore lead to additional neads for the capacity of the power grid. Nevertheless, balance of load and regenerative production could also profit from electric mobility if the cars demand for power ist part of a innovative grid stabilicing solution.
So, decoupling of loading process and driving cycle are the key to ecologic use of renewal power instead of combustion engines. Electric power should be „filled up" exactly the time when available from regenerative production. The realisation of this requirement is the logistics job of electric mobility – and the enterprise purpose from enerChange. "

(pic: the charging solutions of enerChange: battery replacement and intelligent charging points)

intelligent storage systems

The enerChange changePack shown above shows the first representative of a new generation of storage systems for mobile as well as stationary purposes.

The changePack is usable on both 48V and 96V electric voltage, and therefore usable for application in electric vehicles as well as for the stationary purposes, for example, as building integrated energy storage for e.g. photovoltaic energy. It can be used as a reliable storage component for remote applications far away from the power grid or anywhere combustion driven power generators are not useable due to acoustic or environmental needs.

It is the base of the enerChange battery replacement system for battery electric vehicles. By changing batteries within minutes instead of charging for hours, one of the main convenience problems of electric mobility can be solved in a very economic and ecologic way.

More information about the changePack replaceable battery system:
see the changePack

grid-friendly charging of electric cars

While battery replacement remains the most valuable strategy for ecologic and economic refueling of electric cars, of course we got grid friendly solutions for plug-in BEV's, too.

Timeshift for preferring renewable electric power in charging processes can be installed with the advanced intelligent charging points of enerChange. The communication possibilities of our charging systems allow secure, quick, responsive and grid-saving charging of electric cars while every single charging plug can be visualized and controlled by touch-screen, remote and via web user interface.

More information about the enerChange charging system

efficiency and data security

Your data is valuable. Data losses would be costly, abuse would arise considerable disadvantages for your enterprise.

Our data center, run by the parent company inndata Datentechnik GmbH, effects yearly high investments around your valuable information to protect from unauthorized access, errors and losses.

Aside usual security systems as RAID storage and redundant hardwaresystems, fire prevention and redundant air-conditioning, all our hardware, software and security systems from the smallest switch to the largest servers are installed twice for redundancy and for the case of big damaging events all systems are installed once more on a second location for emergency. High-quality server systems of IBM and the cooperation with competent partners create your best security package.

But, what is more important than just technical data security, we feel responsible for the security of the personal data of any user taking advantage of the According to the eCommerce-law (EU-eCommerce-Richtlinie) and the austrian Datenschutzgesetz 2006 we secure any data from missuse by third parties