network of charging points

While battery replacement remains the most valuable strategy for ecologic and economic refueling of electric cars, of course we got grid friendly solutions for plug-in BEV's, too.

Timeshift for preferring renewable electric power in charging processes can be installed with the advanced intelligent charging points of enerChange. The communication possibilities of our charging systems allow secure, quick, responsive and grid-saving charging of electric cars while every single charging plug can be visualized and controlled by touch-screen, remote and via web user interface.

(pic.: first draft of the minimal 70km grid of charging stations on austrian motorways, 2010)

The allows to interconnect local charging providers on different communications- and transaction standards. In cooperation with the computing centers of inndata Datentechnik GmbH we created a range of systems solutions for all relevant authentication processes, measuring processes, taxation and control processes as well as the necessary interfaces for web and mobile uses, routing systems,  integration of your charging points information within your website and the interoperability of charging station networks. We do support all current protocols and network standards up to the OCPP (open chargepoint protocol).

More information about the enerChange charging system

efficiency and data security. security of personal data

Your data is valuable. Data losses would be costly, abuse would arise considerable disadvantages for your enterprise.

Our data center, run by the parent company inndata Datentechnik GmbH, effects yearly high investments around your valuable information to protect from unauthorized access, errors and losses.

Aside usual security systems as RAID storage and redundant hardwaresystems, fire prevention and redundant air-conditioning, all our hardware, software and security systems from the smallest switch to the largest servers are installed twice for redundancy and for the case of big damaging events all systems are installed once more on a second location for emergency. High-quality server systems of IBM and the cooperation with competent partners create your best security package.
But, what is more important than just technical data security, we feel responsible for the security of  the personal data of any user taking advantage of the According to the eCommerce-law (EU-eCommerce-Richtlinie) and the austrian Datenschutzgesetz 2006 we secure any data from missuse by third parties