enerChange battery replacement system

The enerChange changePack shown above shows the first representative of a new generation of storage systems for mobile as well as stationary purposes.

The changePack is usable on both 48V and 96V electric voltage, and therefore usable for application in electric vehicles as well as for the stationary purposes, for example, as building integrated energy storage for e.g. photovoltaic energy. It can be used as a reliable storage component for remote applications far away from the power grid or anywhere combustion driven power generators are not useable due to acoustic or environmental needs.

It is the base of the enerChange battery replacement system for battery electric vehicles. By changing batteries within minutes instead of charging for hours, one of the main convenience problems of electric mobility can be solved in a very economic and ecologic way.

(pic.: corepack within the first experimental item of the changePack, 2011)

optimized ecologic circle

construction of the changePack is optimized for:
  • production efficiency
  • security of infrastucture investments
  • second-life-cycle within stationary application
  • functional reuse of most of the parts
  • material recycling of the cells themselfes
therefore the changePack reaches best results in ecologic as well as economic view