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Mr. Bauer was not only responsible for many development projects in the automotive supply industry as technical director. In his capacity as head of the R & D department for ventilation and air conditioning systems, he successfully coordinated collaborative research projects with the participation of contractors and a technical college. As a production manager in the automotive industry, he was primarily engaged in the construction of prototypes and managed the training of employees in the transition to volume production. Mr. Bauer produced a prototype for an armoured escort vehicle for armoured security vehicles for a well-known car manufacturer in Tyrol.
A new body of specialty steel was produced by hand on a chassis of a series off-road vehicle. The conversion of the driver’s cabs was the main challenge in other projects of the truck sector. The original chassis from MAN, Mercedes, Renault and Steyr trucks were converted to double cabs for the fire service and for military deployment. All body parts were produced manually and matched to the remaining structures of the regular body. The lightweight sandwich components were also used here and door panels were made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The necessary forms, gauges and tools were also produced in-house. The most economical production method was selected by always adjusting the anticipated volume. These were single parts for fire-fighting tank trucks up to low-volume productions of 150 vehicles for the military. The interior including fabric covers and electric wiring was also manufactured by hand. In addition, he also produced rear structures for fire trucks, including the interior finish, fire fighting water tank, built-in pump and cardan-shaft drive and the entire electrical and pneumatic control system.
Numerous technical detailed solutions developed by Mr. Bauer during this time, such as ejection devices and lifts or rotating tool panels are still installed in these vehicles today. Since the foundation of his business in December 2006, he has worked intensively on the transport problems in alpine terrain. Off-road vehicles were rebuilt and equipped with additional functions specifically to the customer's request. The extensively trained technician can be described as a total vehicle specialist who is familiar with both the mechanical and electrical components in vehicles and with the body shop. In the last two years Mattro prepared a development project for a new all terrain vehicle with serial hybrid drive train and four independent electric in-wheel motors. A utility model protection was filed by Mattro in November 2008 for this ATV. The contents of the utility model refer to an all-terrain utility vehicle, which is powered by 4 wheel hub motors and can be equipped with wheels or caterpillar tracks. The Austrian Patent Office issued a utility model for this invention on November 15, 2009 under the number 10841. During the preliminary study Mattro built up a lot of know-how in electric drive train topics and a strong network with personal contacts to specialized companies all over Europe. In addition, Mr. Bauer is engaged in a work group for electric mobility of the Tyrolean Future Foundation.
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