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That was the Fair: Review of Country Life Fair 2012 Carinthia
The Austria’s biggest fair about e-mobility
took place for 3rd time from 05/13/2012 until
05/15/2012 as part of the Leisure and Travel Fair
in Klagenfurt with great success:
Around 47,000 interested visitors were there
during the 3 days of the event.
Die Company Enerchange was also there with
the presentation about the new intelligent charging
stations for Europe’s leading electrical mobility initiative
 "Life in Carinthia”.

We have here for you some photos and press releases!

Many thanks to the Company Mattro and to
"Living in Carinthia” for providing the photos and
press releases!

Stand of the Company Enerchange, Company Mattro and the Local Agency Tyrol.
"Get together" all exhibitors friday night.

Bmstr. Ing Otto Handle mba (enerChange's CEO) and DI Alois Bauer (FH) (Mattro's CEO and enerChange's shareholder) being interviewed on stage.

Alois Bauer next to the Hybrid-terrain transporter "Steinbock HX1" developed by Mattro talking with one of the many visitors, who were very interested in the e-mobility and the latest developments

Kronen Zeitung reported regularly about the Fair
Fair Report

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